Our Team

The incredible staff at Vasile Elevator  is the backbone of our business. We’ve now expanded to have our very own designers, engineers, and strategists from all walks of life. Their unique perspectives and backgrounds help them shape the direction of the company with their amazing ideas and valuable skills. Read on to learn more about the team members at Vasile Elevator

Ioana Burca 1
Ioana Burca

President – Senior Designer

Nathan Hall 2
Nathan Hall

CEO - Business Development

Cesar Gibbs 2 1
Cesar Gibbs

Sales Manager

Gabriela N
Gabriela Baptista

Assistant Project Manager

Luis Tariba N
Luis Tariba

Manufactured Orders Specialist

Rodrigo Villalba 2
Rodrigo Villalba

Operations Manager

Luis New2
Luis Alcantar

Office Manager – AP/AR

Maria Castelblanco 2
Maria Castelblanco

Asst Office Manager - Purchasing

Neil Craig 2
Neil Craig

Shop Manager

Luis Tariba 2
Michael Cano

Engineering Manager

Carlos Figueredo

Shipping & Receiving

Deborah Costa

Design & Marketing Associate

Angie Castro

Drafting & Engineering

Sandra Correa

Project Manager

Dante Turegano

Sales Associate